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As so many players and coaches have noted over the years
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It's a cold reality that no player is safe in the offseason Darnell Savage Jr. Jersey , whether you're an established veteran who's done excellent things for your team or a hyped-up free agent signing brought in to liven up the locker room.  the NFL is a "What have you done for me lately?" kind of business.No organization's players learned that harsh truth better than the New York Jets, who spent this offseason cutting ties with anyone who was alive when The Wonder Years was still on the air. That kind of drastic roster turnover is rare, but even the most established teams carry a little bit of excess flab around the belly this time of year. And make no mistake, most of that fat will be trimmed before the season rolls around.From our vantage point, these are the guys that should be worried about showing up on the brass' radar. If any of these players do end up on the 53-man roster come September, it's likely their play (or their bloated contracts...or some combination of both) will only drag their team down. Back track to the 2017 NFL training camp Elgton Jenkins Jersey , and look at what each team has done. Every team has done some good things to help their team improve in certain ways, but each team has made at least one mistake that’s affected their team poorly. Some are minor, and others are major. And not every NFL front office is perfect, so mistakes are bound to happen. But with making mistakes, comes with the consequences.There are mistakes on this list that have affected a way a team has performed, or is predicted to perform. And then, there are small mistakes that don’t have much of an impact Jace Sternberger Jersey , but the team still shouldn’t have done something. Mistakes are a part of life, and definitely a huge part in sports.Thirty-two teams. Thirty-two mistakes. Only one team can full overcome their mistake, and win a Super Bowl. It only takes one mistake to be short of winning your division, conference, or the Super Bowl.When you acquire players, you’re taking a risk. Even when you go after one of the best players in the league, it’s a risk. You never know how a player will translate to a new team Dexter Williams Jersey , or a new level of play. Every player deals with new scenery or new players in different ways, and many players can’t deal with it.Which mistakes are the biggest in football? And which ones are practically irrelevant? Some teams made mistakes that will haunt them, while other teams will barely care about the mistake that was made.